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CareFlight Ghana

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CPR for Professionals

Duration: 6 Hours

Certification:  Resuscitation Council of Southern Africa 

Cost: GHS

Course Information

CPR for professionals is  developed by the Resuscitation Council for Southern Africa and teaches health professionals the skills of CPR and choking for all ages; ventilation with barrier devices including Bag Mask Valve ventilation with supplemental oxygen, the use of automated external defibrillator in bothe hospital and out of hospital situations. This course is suitable for nurses, paramedics, EMT, and other allied health professionals.

Course Content

Personal safety

Calling for help

CPR – adult single rescuer and team resuscitation

CPR – child single rescuer and team resuscitation

CPR – infant single rescuer and team resuscitation

Use of a barrier device

Use of a pocket mask

Use of the bag valve mask (BVM)

Team dynamics

Use of the automated external defibrillator (AED)

Rescue breathing

Ventilation with an advanced airway

Choking – responsive and unresponsive adult, child and infant

Recovery position

Algorithms and memory aids